The Give&Take Challenge

21 Days to break the bad 
and create the good 
in 3 ways.

Start date : October 4
End date: November 1 Tried. Tested.True. I tested this challenge out myself. 2 out of the three were surprisingly easy. I surpassed my 21 days and I am still Tim Hortons Free! You will see why I chose Tims…

Buns&Bottles: Information

Hello, I am Mandy, mom and creator of Buns&Bottles. A mommy and baby fitness program. I created a guilt free way to get in your mommy time and ME time within the same hour 😉 If you are looking for the schedule simply click here. When you are ready for registration and all it entails,…

The Ugly Truth

I seem to of lost sight of why I started this whole journey. You know, blog life and Buns&Bottles. I tend to get caught up in the “now” and sometimes it doesn’t always work in my favour. The ugly truth? Well, as it may seem, I look like I have quite the put together life. You…