80/20 Lifestyle

What is 80/20? It is a lifestyle plan we should all try to adopt in all aspects of our lives! Whether it is for your nutrition, fitness and/or mindset this plan can help you get to a more positive way of life! And that is the ULTIMATE GOAL! Learning how to live in positivity.

Here it is, 80% if the time you respect your goal. 20% you live la vida loca! lol! Discipline is much needed to achieve certain goals as well as happiness. What I am saying is, just because you indulge in your weekly ice cream it does not mean you failed! It means you are living life. And I am a true believer that happiness is the key to living your best life. The happier you are the more positive you will be. So rule here is this, your indulging in a bowl of ice cream IS NOT A FAILURE, its part of your 20, it is part of your lifestyle. Curious are we?

Here is How it Works.

NUTRITION. Lets keep things simple and say we eat 3 times a day. Which makes 21 meals at the end of the week. 80% of these meals have to be full of nutritious, yummy food. Therefore, 17 of your weekly meals have to be clean eating. avoiding all processed foods and refined sugars. That leaves you with your 20%, which is 4 MEALS a week where you can enjoy life guilt free! It doesn’t matter what or when in your week, planned or not planned, just remember it is one sit down meal and not an entire day. * Note if you only eat twice a day, adjust accordingly.**Note Note: if you are only eating twice a day it is not enough. Snacks are not included in your overall meal count, keep those clean and a must in your day.

That brings us to the next part.

MOVING. In this category there is so much you can do! 7 days a week 80/20 is: 5/2. MAKE A PLAN! 5 days a week you have to move! You already have Fit.ByMandy Online available each week so that’s a great start. PARK days are 2 for 1 this month! Active rest days – Go out for a walk with the stroller, a jog, hikes, maybe plan to run a 5k non stop as a goal for mid summer!. Even working on your core/pelvic floor/ body alignment can be in your days of “moving”- that would be the connect program online. Now, the worst thing you can do is make this more complicated than you have to so I’ll give you an example week: 3xBuns&Bottles (live/park), 1x sweat express, 1x connect. These are simple ideas for you, once you get the hang of exercising/moving you can change up the routine. Simply make a plan of what you’d like to do for your week. Having a plan in a moms busy life is KEY! Maybe finding a training partner to check in and support each other would help you! Remember the category here is moving so don’t pressure yourself to train 5 days a week of full out workouts if it does not suit your new motherhood lifestyle, with time it will come. For the moment keep taking a 30 min walk and core work as part of your routine. Don’t forget you have 2 days a week off!

Which brings us to:

MINDSET. A happier mind is healthier mind. I know motherhood, it’s rough. It tends to bring you down at times. Relationships get tough. You’re tired. But what if you change the way you look at things? What effect do you think it would have on your overall being if you shift your mind to think positive? Simple, you would be much happier and in turn that will make you much healthier. Now, how do you apply 80/20 to this concept. I would like to suggest the 5/2 split again to start. 5 days a week take out the negative. Instead of “I’m tired” try “this too shall pass”. “I need to loose this baby weight” try “I’m a sexy mamma” every time you look in the mirror. “I’m worried about the future all the time” try “right here right now” to help you live in the moment and appreciate. These are my examples but you can use any that you find bring a negative aspect to your day. Trick is, anytime something negative comes into your mind simply counter it with something positive. You’ll slowly start to see the positive change your life will take once you take out the negativity! 😉 Then comes those two times a week where you can choose to just be tired and that’s ok too! It is normal your mindset won’t change in a few days or weeks but adopting this way of thinking will have a long term effect. So don’t get discouraged!! I practiced this for months at a time for a few years now! And I bring it back every time I see I struggle.

*if you want to add extra mindset work you can join me
3 positive affirmations & gratitude
5 minute journaling
(for a total of 5 days/ week)

Remember if you don’t achieve your goals on some weeks it does not mean you failed!!! Girl, it just makes you human. Practice your positive mindset at this point if you tend to bring yourself down for it. If you eat 12 cookies, well that’s not you failing, it’s you living, and you’re in your 20% ;). See the positive thought overcoming the negative? We will all have different goals, whether it is primarily diet, moving or mindset, but i want you focus on all 3 aspects for these next 4 weeks. It’s not a lifetime just a few weeks! Take it one week at a time and keep on pushing for that best self kinda life.

Mandy xx
Rules for Challenge:
choose 1 or all 3 categories for the 4 weeks – what you start with, you finish with
schedule your fitness and mindset routine
(what part of day you will do both)
nutrition- clean eating means (protein, carbs &fats) every main meal

Published by Fit.ByMandy

I always asked myself what is your purpose here? My answer was always to help save a life. Maybe I will have that honour one day but maybe I had a different calling. Motherhood. The moment my daughter was born was the moment my life changed. It was simply whole. Being in the fitness industry and being a mother I realized I have the power to help change a moms life. So here I am! My name is Mandy. I had this idea at 30 and it took me a year of courage to go out and put my life out in the open. Welcome to my blog where I will write openly about my daily thoughts being a mother, a woman, a human. You will see I am slightly crazy 🙄 I’m sure there will be posts where I start happy and finish frantic. Cry the next day and love life the other. My goal is to make mothers know they are not alone , or maybe it’s for me , to know that I am not alone. I am a Crossfit coach. This lead me to my project in the making: buns and bottles. A program in making mommies feel as sexy as ever while your babies and milk bottles watch! All I know is that the most important aspect of a happy household is a happy mom, well a happy wife. You deserve it moms! So let’s embark on this crazy journey together where we can laugh and cry about daily matters of motherhood and life. Where I can throw in a few workout challenges and maybe learn how to cook! Im guessing you already can tell I talk too much! But after all my life struggles I’ve learned being too happy and having too much love is never a bad thing. My husband also tells me I swear too much! oh well I am who I am and I won’t change that 🙌🏻 Xx

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