Congratulations on finishing another month! I hope you are proud. Like I always say, maybe you didn’t reach your goals as planned, but you did something- which is sign up. It all starts with intention, and it takes a lot of hard work to create this habit, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t gotten there just yet. Give yourself a chance and a target for next month – I’m sure you can do it and not give up am I right?!! And if you killed it another month, go look in the mirror and say YOU ROCK!

To show you my gratitude and to offer you a better service I have decided to revamp to an ALL IN ONE service :)Starting May 10 we are moving everything to my blog ( where, For the same price you will get access to my entire platform

Phase 1 – Connect This is a much slower paced class dedicated to breath work and core engagement primarily. EVERYONE can benefit from this class! Learning how to breathe and connect your core will lead to a stronger, fitter, pain free you! strengthen your back, pelvic floor, release tension in the hips help aid to get that 6 pack! We slow things down, learn movement patterns, stretch and more! This class will have two lives a week of 30 min 2x a week + recordings and short capsules. Perfect addition to your training week or use it on days you feel more tired but still want to move without high intensity. Also, if you join the live I get to connect with you ๐Ÿ™‚

Phase 2 – Buns&bottles These classes are 1 hour live 3x a week + recordings. Fully loaded hour of strength and HIIT workouts, sure to leave you feeling strong and satisfied! Join these classes if you are ready to start upping your workouts or! Also available, is the adapted version to the workouts, so if you want or need to adapt movements, you can learn how to do so safely here, mainly for new moms for adapted. Recordings are 40+min

Phase 3 – Sweat Express High Intensity mixed with strength training in 20 minutes. Same feel as phase 2 but in half the time. Ideal for the busy people out there. These 20 minutes will be sure to leave you sweaty and reenergized! You can also use this program as an addition to phase 2 – add these short workouts to your week when you’re tired or slip a workout into your weekend with these express workouts!
also available – park trainings on Fridays at parc Chopin in laval. 9:30 (10$class)
all to say is I believe you can all create your custom workout regimen to suit your needs by having access to all 3. I would highly suggest to mix at least 2 programs for best results ๐Ÿ™‚

HOW to register: stays the same – email me at stating which package you’d like along with transfer ASAP!!

ALL ACCESS :50$ for the month (May 10- June 6)


ALL ACCESS + 4 PARK TRAININGS 90$ (may 7-june6)
I will then send you the password via email to access blog where you will find the workouts listed per day.

– deadline May 7 .




step 1: email me stating which package along with transfer

step2: once I receive transfer I will email you the direct blog link and password to get into blog

step 3: scroll down to date and choose program link you will like to do. Whether it is LIVE or RECORDED – you will simply go to same place!


May 7

5am sweat express : “click youtube link”

9am B&B live: “click streamyard link”

10:30am B&B recording: “click youtube link”

So now you can customize your training regimen as you please which i think is wonderful!!

Please do not hesitate if you have any questions

call or text 514.298.3089

stay strong,


Published by Fit.ByMandy

I always asked myself what is your purpose here? My answer was always to help save a life. Maybe I will have that honour one day but maybe I had a different calling. Motherhood. The moment my daughter was born was the moment my life changed. It was simply whole. Being in the fitness industry and being a mother I realized I have the power to help change a moms life. So here I am! My name is Mandy. I had this idea at 30 and it took me a year of courage to go out and put my life out in the open. Welcome to my blog where I will write openly about my daily thoughts being a mother, a woman, a human. You will see I am slightly crazy ๐Ÿ™„ Iโ€™m sure there will be posts where I start happy and finish frantic. Cry the next day and love life the other. My goal is to make mothers know they are not alone , or maybe itโ€™s for me , to know that I am not alone. I am a Crossfit coach. This lead me to my project in the making: buns and bottles. A program in making mommies feel as sexy as ever while your babies and milk bottles watch! All I know is that the most important aspect of a happy household is a happy mom, well a happy wife. You deserve it moms! So letโ€™s embark on this crazy journey together where we can laugh and cry about daily matters of motherhood and life. Where I can throw in a few workout challenges and maybe learn how to cook! Im guessing you already can tell I talk too much! But after all my life struggles Iโ€™ve learned being too happy and having too much love is never a bad thing. My husband also tells me I swear too much! oh well I am who I am and I wonโ€™t change that ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป Xx

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