Sweat Express is a program built for the busy people. Beginner to advanced you have both options available in every pre-recorded video so you are sure to have a nice sweat and be able to go on with your busy day! Short and sweet! Fb community
B&b is a mommy based group. We have online live trainings which is great for beginners or newly postpartum. All movements are adapted to your needs and focused on bringing back the body to its natural state and stronger! If you need interaction, this is a great program for you. Can’t make it LIVE? Don’t worry, all sessions are recorded so you can workout at any time! FB community

Both programs are accessed through Facebook.

Registration closes November 30
Don’t forget about my bday giveaway !

When you register for December you are automatically put in the draw to win a free month for you and your bestie! *January* Start off the year on the right foot ! Bestie does not need to sign up for December to be eligible. If both of you join for December, you have bigger chances to win January!

Winner Combo will be announced on my bday December 1st.

Let’s stay Fit together

Mandy xx

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