Sweat Express

The workout program for the busy people.

Program Includes

• 20 minute and under Express workout program making it easy to sweat it out before work, during lunch break or after work!

• 4 trainings weekly which consist of 2 strength days and two full body sweat sessions. Full of functional fitness, lots of intervals and circuits!

• Workouts will be posted Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings

• Easy to follow videos: Two versions to follow always! Advanced and beginner. In simple i will be doing the advanced version and I will have my partner behind me doing the beginner version in the same video. Making it easier than ever to do the same workout with your partner no matter your fitness level 🤩

• Always the same formula every week so it makes it easy to follow, push and track results. Also, easy on the mind for you busy people. The goal here is to make training fun and stress free! Sweating it all out one day at a time.

•Equipment needed: yoga mat, any weights (kettlebell, wrist/ankle weights, barbell or dumbbells)

Optional but suggested equipment: step, miniband, jump rope

* I will give you alternative movements if you are missing any of the suggested equipment above.

• Private Facebook group for members only: there you will get the link to access videos. You can access workouts up for a week.

• 24/7 support: if you have any restrictions or if you are unsure of movements you can always send me a video and I will correct your movement. I can modify all workouts!


Week of Monday, October 26


One week free with monthly subscription for November.

Deadline for pre-registration is

Friday, October 23



For all inquiries email me at Fitbymandy@gmail.com or by phone 514.298.3089

Thank you and looking forward to working out with you!

Mandy xx

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