Vacay: The In-laws & A Simple Training

Vacation with the in-laws, how does that sound to you? Well, I just came back from a mommy-daughter trip and guess who we stayed with? The In-laws! My MIL (mother-in-law) and her boyfriend (who I think should be her husband by now cough! cough!) go every year for two months, and that is exactly who we stayed with. My husband called me one day at work and told me these exact words, ” in 6 months you won’t be able to take a vacation in a very long time, so you’re going to Florida”. Yup! We bought our first home, and he thinks we’ll be broke lol. I refuse to believe it haha! Me with no vacation? Can’t be! But seriously ladies, how amazing is he though? He saw life was bringing me down and he sends me on a vacation with my daughter so I can reconnect with myself. I am very needy like that and I’m just glad I married a man who understands my crazy moods!

My MIL, she is one of those rare people who live to make everyone happy. She doesn’t need to know you for so long before she’s calling you “my love” or probably baking you a cake. She strives on everyone’s happiness, and I have yet to hear her utter a bad word about anyone. The only problem with being so giving is that she forgets about her own happiness. I think there’s something magical about being able to put yourself first and still making everyone happy around you. But, we all have our lessons to learn! I just hope she learns that a simple yoga class once a week is the least she can do for herself! Anyway, she is ALWAYS laughing along with her bf! He is such a perfect match for her, it makes me so happy inside. He is just as loving, just as giving and just as happy! And he loves my daughter and my husband as they were his own blood. That shows a lot about a man and I admire the man that he is.


Little Fashionista


I took a moment everyday to stop and watch them. Their love is something worth admiring. I was always a believer in fairy tale sort of love, and they’re a living proof. They walk holding hands, they’re constantly joking with each other and in turn they are always laughing. Oh, and they have a better night life and friend circle than my husband and I lol! They work together in making each other happy and they are always looking one another in the eye. I’m sure they don’t even realize it for how natural it is! And, you know, it was such a breath of fresh air to see love so real everyday. I now know I’m not too much of a dreamer to believe that I can live the rest of my days in love like that. But they listen to each others needs and are constantly trying to make each other happy. That’s the key! I know it is so easy to get lost in the now with work, home and baby, that my relationship often came last. Luckily, I had a chance to realize that when we went away on our honeymoon together in December. We got that magic back, no baby, just him and I. Since then, we have been working hard on keeping each other as happy as we possibly can. Hence, him shipping me off loll!! Just joking!

So whoever tells you that love doesn’t exist is wrong! If you believe you should grow old laughing, loving and holding hands till the very end, then keep believing! I know nothing will change that for me.


Ok, lets finish off with the reality of how easy it is to slack off with training on vacation. I know I enjoy my ice cream and wine while I’m away! But a week of vacation doesn’t mean you have to completely let go. Try to fit in a few workouts while you’re away. They don’t have to be long or complicated, just move! You are definitely worth 1 hour a day.

So here is a little workout under an hour for you! No Crossfit, more traditional exercises that are easy to do at any gym! A little Butt work never hurt especially for that bikini 😉

Squats 3 x 10

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats 4 x 8 each leg

Pull-ups 3 x max effort.

If you are not able to do pull-ups you can substitute them with

Bent Over Rows 3 x 12 each arm

Finally, vacation isn’t so bad when you’re with your amazing little girl, in-laws you can share a glass of wine with and a little workout to burn off that wine! haha! But moms, can we all agree we need a mini sleep vacation once we come back … Running around after a two year old for 8 days can be very tiring haha! Oh, have I mentioned I’m moving in with my in-laws in a month until my house is ready? Lets see how this next phase will go. Hopefully, all will go well and I won’t gain too much weight with all that home cooked Italian Food and homemade desserts haha!

Don’t forget to tell your loved ones you love them this week!

Mandy XX

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sab says:

    My aunt is an amazing woman I love her so so much! Francois is a gem ! Beautiful article xxx


  2. Oliva says:

    I love reading your blogs! I have a 3 year old daughter and i am very active. Love going to the gym and taking care of myself. You are an inspiration!


    1. Fit.ByMandy says:

      Thank you for your kind words! We have to love ourselves first xx sorry for the delayed reply I was away for a little while


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