Buns&Bottles classes are coming soon! I am beyond excited to start my first free trial next week! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help these mommies get back into shape.

So what is Buns&Bottles?

It’s a fitness class for moms, designed by a mom. One hour of ME time dedicated to getting your body back. The best part is you can bring your sweet bundle of joy to watch you sweat! Now, there is no more excuses not to dedicate ONE HOUR a WEEK for YOU. As a mommy, finding time for ourselves can seem impossible. But with an amazing support system, some motivation and a little will power, IT IS POSSIBLE. Ladies, this is what you will find joining Buns & Bottles classes.

emma and mommy
Burpees always had a way to maker her laugh!

The initial phase of the training program consists of one training session a week, for eight weeks. We begin by getting you familiar with your body. Baby steps! Your babies wont get up and run over night, right! We start by building up your core to get you ready for the following phase. By the end of the eight weeks, you will find an improvement in posture, core strength and intensity. You are then ready for the second phase of the training program which consists of two sessions a week for 12 weeks. We start every class with some mommy talk and then move on to our sweat session. Lastly, we finish off with some mommy-baby exercises which often lead to many kissies and cuddles!

Buns&Bottles is a safe place where we all understand each other. We can speak openly about our experiences, our joys and our struggles that come with motherhood. Let’s face it, motherhood is not easy. It’s supposed to be the most beautiful phase of your life, but meanwhile, nobody really talks about the emotional aspect. Nobody talks about how you can lose yourself with your partner, how you could feel self-conscious about your body, how the endless sleepless nights eat away at you! Some of us even lose our dearest friends along the way. But why? Humanity has been having babies for thousands of years, however, keep in mind that you are still new to this. I learned so much and no matter how hard it can feel in that moment, in the end, baby just needs mommy’s love! And I’m sure you have so much to give!!! One thing is for certain, the rest will all work itself out in time.

mommy and emma
Baby carrier is a must!

Why I started this program?

The transition to motherhood was very tough for me. I was training very competitively before pregnancy, all while being a Crossfit coach. The moment I fell pregnant, everything changed. I barely had any energy to work and even less energy to train. At that time, there was not much information out there concerning Crossfit and pregnancy. So I was scared! I stopped training completely at four months. On top of it, I had a C-Section and I couldn’t train for another three months after my baby was born. The process was brutal. My training always helped ease my anxiety so without it, my anxiety came back. I was the first of my friends to have a baby and I felt alone. We all know, you cannot understand motherhood until you experience it and that made me lonely.  Training was my happy place, a place where I felt good about myself. But I spent most days crying alone with my baby, three months postpartum to be exact. Until, that one day I decided to start moving again. It was all uphill from there!

It was so hard to start training all over again. I remember crying on the floor because I was unable to do half a push-up on my knees. I started back at zero and I knew it was going to be a very long battle to get to where I wanted to be again. My husband stuck by my side and trained me. He was my mentor and my shoulder to cry on (even though he couldn’t understand me and thought i was crazy for crying in the middle of a workout lol).  Baby watched as I trained, lying around with her little noise canceling earmuffs. And then she started crawling and needed more attention. It made me super uncomfortable to bring her to classes. I didn’t want to bother anyone. So my training took a hit. I thought to myself, there had to be a way for me to train with my baby. And that is how I came up with the idea of a mommy baby class!

When planks are too easy…


So, here it is… Buns&Bottles! A Fun, Comfortable place to get that body you want while baby can be right with you no matter what stage! A place where you can talk to other moms about all the ups and downs of being a parent, or simply a place where you can finally make TIME FOR YOU! A guilt free hour that is designed to leave you feeling like your sexy, best self.

Join me in the first ever Buns&Bottles class for free! Take the first step out of you daily mom routine and shake it up a bit. Every burpee, push-up and squat will be loads of fun I promise! Mom and baby will leave feeling great, who doesn’t want that? Remember, my goal besides making you feel sexy is to help you feel great from the inside, self-love!

For more info contact me by clicking this link and follow me on my Facebook/Instagram Page @ Fit.ByMandy.

Date: Thursday, February 8, 2018                                                                                                      Time: 10:30am                                                                                                                                        Location: Crossfit Laval

Date: Friday, February 9, 2018                                                                                                   Time: 1:30pm                                                                                                                            Location: Crossfit Repentigny
xx Mandy

Published by Fit.ByMandy

I always asked myself what is your purpose here? My answer was always to help save a life. Maybe I will have that honour one day but maybe I had a different calling. Motherhood. The moment my daughter was born was the moment my life changed. It was simply whole. Being in the fitness industry and being a mother I realized I have the power to help change a moms life. So here I am! My name is Mandy. I had this idea at 30 and it took me a year of courage to go out and put my life out in the open. Welcome to my blog where I will write openly about my daily thoughts being a mother, a woman, a human. You will see I am slightly crazy 🙄 I’m sure there will be posts where I start happy and finish frantic. Cry the next day and love life the other. My goal is to make mothers know they are not alone , or maybe it’s for me , to know that I am not alone. I am a Crossfit coach. This lead me to my project in the making: buns and bottles. A program in making mommies feel as sexy as ever while your babies and milk bottles watch! All I know is that the most important aspect of a happy household is a happy mom, well a happy wife. You deserve it moms! So let’s embark on this crazy journey together where we can laugh and cry about daily matters of motherhood and life. Where I can throw in a few workout challenges and maybe learn how to cook! Im guessing you already can tell I talk too much! But after all my life struggles I’ve learned being too happy and having too much love is never a bad thing. My husband also tells me I swear too much! oh well I am who I am and I won’t change that 🙌🏻 Xx

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