What? No Pasta?

I noticed something completely different in my daughter this morning. Instead of starting off her day begging for totoons (that’s how she calls cartoons), Emma Rose went straight for her toys and started to play by herself. This might not sound like much to you, but for me, it’s a very big success. She used to start her days with 20 min of TV in bed with my husband and I, and then another 20 min on the couch while we made breakfast, and some other 20 min after daycare. Basically, too much TV. And it got worse. As our lives got busier, and we got more and more tired, we relied on TV to keep our daughter occupied. A 20 min TV show went on to a movie, and then two movies, three movies. Ok we didn’t go passed three movies but still, its too much. I was never a fan of TV for my kid, but we were so damn tired it was just too easy. Her nutrition took a hit as well. We were all over the place. Quick fix for food? Pasta. Too much pasta. Again, I’m not a huge fan of pasta. My husband hates me for it, lol, because he would eat pasta three times a day if he could. We are of Italian origin, so pasta is life.  But hey, i think it’s better to feed the brain then to feed the heart.


Mom and Emma Rose


Truth is, my daughter is one heck of a good kid. Terrible two was not an issue in our house.  Until that week of pasta. She was more defiant and maybe it’s just coincidence but I wasn’t going to have it. We removed the pasta out of her diet. Obviously it was a disaster because the only thing my two year old wants to eat is pasta. But once she got used to no pasta, she became soft again. We had gone through this in the summer time as well and it was the same result. So, call me crazy, but I just can’t ignore the facts. And if my child would constantly be so cranky I think I would become crazy…. ok ok I know what you’re thinking… crazier lol! I much rather take the time making her food than a quick fix meal is what I’m trying to say. Also, I started a no sugar challenge, where I failed miserably, but that week clean of sugar made a huge change in me. I had less mid-day crashes and my mood was a lot steadier. Yes ladies, less mood swings. Therefore, I do not see why it wouldn’t have the same effect for a toddler.

Same went for the T.V. My husband and I agreed to no T.V. during the week. The change in her is incredible. Our week went so smoothly. She just played and kept herself occupied as she painted, colored and now is obsessed with cooking! As we came into our weekend she no longer sat on the couch waiting for her totoons. Instead she went straight to her playroom and was miss independent, playing by herself. Of course, Saturdays call for coffee on the couch and Minnie Mouse and that is exactly what we did. Our huge lesson here was thinking T.V or fast meals was going to solve our issues when we were at our wits ends but it did not benefit our family in any way possible. Lets face it, a two year old should be a two year old. They need to run and be loud, they need to discover and exercise their brains just as much as their tiny little bodies. So taking away the T.V. pushed her to learn on her own how to be a toddler again and mommy learned that moderation is key.


LOL moderation, something I CAN NOT master! I have no middle ground. Everything I go through is a serious struggle and I overthink everythinggggg. I’m laughing so hard as I write this because I’m sure everyone that knows me is laughing as well. I have serious issues with handling situations without having at least one panic attack. I’ll probably ask all my six best friends for their opinion. Clearly, being incapable of making any decision is the story of my life. Some things I do really well, like bust my husband’s chops, but balance and moderation is not my forte. However! I never stop trying! I think that’s the important thing. We all have to learn how to adapt to the constant evolution of life. If we are unable to adapt, then we will have a very hard time succeeding on our journey. So, instead of choosing to let life bring me down, I am constantly working on adapting to my new situations so they do not break me. It sounds so simple to do, but it is the hardest thing I’m faced with every day.


Whether you are a parent or not, young mommy or experienced mother, we all have to face our problems. Life is a journey and it’s all about how you take it.  I do not believe happiness is a choice. I tried to be happy for a very long time. I simply could not find my happiness. Finding your purpose in life, I think, is when the miracle happens. When I found my purpose, motherhood, I was finally happy. From there, life took a turn for the better. I find comfort in myself, knowing i’m a better mommy, better wife and most importantly, a better person.


Excited to jump into Buns And Bottles


So, if any of you have lost your way, it’s ok we’ve all been there. And maybe getting back on your feet seems so hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Lets start with one hour a week of ME TIME. Mommy free, wifey free, just you! I can guarantee once you have a little me time you will see a huge difference in yourself! From there, you go to two, then three. Hey! Who knows maybe mom can even start taking an hour a day? Worst case it helps be a better you 😉 Once you find comfort in yourself you can conquer it all!

Now time to take my own damn advice and get these mommy baby classes going for you ladies, Buns and Bottles!  How about I do a free trial for all you mammas out there? I’m thinking you bring your Buns and Bottles to a location of choice in the next two weeks!  YES!YES! Let’s do it! Follow my Facebook Page Fit.ByMandy and I will keep you closely informed for the details!


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