The Unveiling.

Ok, I finally built up the courage to start my blog. I had this idea six months ago and I’ve had the hardest time launching it. I did not know if I wanted it to be a social place for moms, and moms to be of course, or if I wanted to write about fitness. Expressing my struggles as a new wifey could of been an option too! This morning I decided that I did not have to choose. I am going to write about all of these things!

So here it is! The unveiling of Fit.ByMandy, A Fit Mom Blog. A place where I will write about my training, being a mommy to the most awesome two year old girl and trying not to fail as a housewife! Since this is my first blog, I’m sure that I will find my true identity as we go along.  Right now I have sooooooo many ideas I dont know where to start!

Cookie and Mommy

A little about myself. I’m Mandy and this little girl in the picture right above is my two year old daughter that I love to no words! Emma Rose, she mostly goes by Cookie. I also have a deep love for cookies and that my friends is how my daughter got her nickname, haha! Another human I love to no words, my husband Mike. We’ve been married for 4 months now and together for 3 and a half years. And yes, your calculations are correct, we got pregnant after 4 months together. This man, my lady friends, is one loving, patient, compassionate person. Of course, you are thinking well any good wife will publicly say that. But as we go on you will see for yourselves that I am one lucky woman!

I am a big believer in the universe. We are sent what we need to grow at the very moment we need it. My husband was sent to me in a very desperate time in my life. As for my daughter, she is my angel on earth. She has shown me how to grow in so many ways that no life lesson ever has. Many years of chasing happiness, 14 years to be exact, was fulfilled the day she was born. It changed me internally and I never went back. For instance, most women hate their bodies after they give birth, but that was the first time I didn’t. I guess I will express all this in other blogs, probably what led me here. I just hope my story can inspire and give other moms the hope they’ve been looking for. Or just maybe I’m helping myself on my journey.

the hubby

Everyone who knows me knows one thing about me, I’m an open book. Even though I found my wholeness does not mean it was easy for me. For some reason, I found this journey very hard to adapt to. I’m a Crossfit Coach for two gyms and my husband also owns Crossfit Waverly in Montreal. Working in gyms made it easier to stay fit, but even there, I was never able to go back to my old training schedule of when I was competing.  I’m simply too tired. I don’t know how all you full time working mommies get it all done with dinner and baby and work! I am soooo bad at being a housewife, lol. My poor man starves most nights! Two years later, I’m still trying to figure it out but I assume that when the babe is 10 I’ll be super mommy!

This is what brought up my idea about this blog. A place where we, mommies and mommies to be, can discuss how to juggle it all. Which led me to think, some moms do not have the time to go the gym so this is where I can help! I can give tips and tricks on how to stay on a healthier path. Which brings me to my favorite project of all! “Buns and Bottles”. This, my mommy friends, will be a semi-private training class where you can bring your babies and their bottles all while you train to get those sexy buns of yours! So if you are in the Montreal-Laval area hit me up! These classes will be a mix of training and mommy talk and I am sooooo excited it hurts! I can’t wait to start all these projects with you where you can see my second baby grow, Fit.ByMandy.

In the end, I just want this to be a fun, safe place for women in general.

the familia at the familia gym, Crossfit Waverly

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my unveiling as much as I did! I feel fantastic and so proud of myself right now! Until next time!… given this post took me about 6 months to write, I hope the next will be within the next month, lol.

kiss your loved ones and hold them tight till then,

xxx Mandy

Published by Fit.ByMandy

I always asked myself what is your purpose here? My answer was always to help save a life. Maybe I will have that honour one day but maybe I had a different calling. Motherhood. The moment my daughter was born was the moment my life changed. It was simply whole. Being in the fitness industry and being a mother I realized I have the power to help change a moms life. So here I am! My name is Mandy. I had this idea at 30 and it took me a year of courage to go out and put my life out in the open. Welcome to my blog where I will write openly about my daily thoughts being a mother, a woman, a human. You will see I am slightly crazy 🙄 I’m sure there will be posts where I start happy and finish frantic. Cry the next day and love life the other. My goal is to make mothers know they are not alone , or maybe it’s for me , to know that I am not alone. I am a Crossfit coach. This lead me to my project in the making: buns and bottles. A program in making mommies feel as sexy as ever while your babies and milk bottles watch! All I know is that the most important aspect of a happy household is a happy mom, well a happy wife. You deserve it moms! So let’s embark on this crazy journey together where we can laugh and cry about daily matters of motherhood and life. Where I can throw in a few workout challenges and maybe learn how to cook! Im guessing you already can tell I talk too much! But after all my life struggles I’ve learned being too happy and having too much love is never a bad thing. My husband also tells me I swear too much! oh well I am who I am and I won’t change that 🙌🏻 Xx

2 thoughts on “The Unveiling.

  1. This world needs more of you I wish we had this in my times someone so inspirational as you. This must be my proudest moment as a mother first for taking he courage and time to write this blog ,and finally you found your true gift in life
    All I have to say to new moms and moms to be do not be so harsh on yourself ,life is a beautiful ride if you choose happiness over misery. Staying fit will help you on your journey as a mom the more fit you are the more inner strength you get. I hope everyone takes advantage of this you always had a gift to help others but you needed to help yourself first and now you are ready for this wonderful journey. Love you and what you have become. Thank you Mike and Emma Rose. Love mom💞


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