80/20 Lifestyle

What is 80/20? It is a lifestyle plan we should all try to adopt in all aspects of our lives! Whether it is for your nutrition, fitness and/or mindset this plan can help you get to a more positive way of life! And that is the ULTIMATE GOAL! Learning how to live in positivity.

Here it is, 80% if the time you respect your goal. 20% you live la vida loca! lol! Discipline is much needed to achieve certain goals as well as happiness. What I am saying is, just because you indulge in your weekly ice cream it does not mean you failed! It means you are living life. And I am a true believer that happiness is the key to living your best life. The happier you are the more positive you will be. So rule here is this, your indulging in a bowl of ice cream IS NOT A FAILURE, its part of your 20, it is part of your lifestyle. Curious are we?

Here is How it Works.

NUTRITION. Lets keep things simple and say we eat 3 times a day. Which makes 21 meals at the end of the week. 80% of these meals have to be full of nutritious, yummy food. Therefore, 17 of your weekly meals have to be clean eating. avoiding all processed foods and refined sugars. That leaves you with your 20%, which is 4 MEALS a week where you can enjoy life guilt free! It doesn’t matter what or when in your week, planned or not planned, just remember it is one sit down meal and not an entire day. * Note if you only eat twice a day, adjust accordingly.**Note Note: if you are only eating twice a day it is not enough. Snacks are not included in your overall meal count, keep those clean and a must in your day.

That brings us to the next part.

MOVING. In this category there is so much you can do! 7 days a week 80/20 is: 5/2. MAKE A PLAN! 5 days a week you have to move! You already have Fit.ByMandy Online available each week so that’s a great start. PARK days are 2 for 1 this month! Active rest days – Go out for a walk with the stroller, a jog, hikes, maybe plan to run a 5k non stop as a goal for mid summer!. Even working on your core/pelvic floor/ body alignment can be in your days of “moving”- that would be the connect program online. Now, the worst thing you can do is make this more complicated than you have to so I’ll give you an example week: 3xBuns&Bottles (live/park), 1x sweat express, 1x connect. These are simple ideas for you, once you get the hang of exercising/moving you can change up the routine. Simply make a plan of what you’d like to do for your week. Having a plan in a moms busy life is KEY! Maybe finding a training partner to check in and support each other would help you! Remember the category here is moving so don’t pressure yourself to train 5 days a week of full out workouts if it does not suit your new motherhood lifestyle, with time it will come. For the moment keep taking a 30 min walk and core work as part of your routine. Don’t forget you have 2 days a week off!

Which brings us to:

MINDSET. A happier mind is healthier mind. I know motherhood, it’s rough. It tends to bring you down at times. Relationships get tough. You’re tired. But what if you change the way you look at things? What effect do you think it would have on your overall being if you shift your mind to think positive? Simple, you would be much happier and in turn that will make you much healthier. Now, how do you apply 80/20 to this concept. I would like to suggest the 5/2 split again to start. 5 days a week take out the negative. Instead of “I’m tired” try “this too shall pass”. “I need to loose this baby weight” try “I’m a sexy mamma” every time you look in the mirror. “I’m worried about the future all the time” try “right here right now” to help you live in the moment and appreciate. These are my examples but you can use any that you find bring a negative aspect to your day. Trick is, anytime something negative comes into your mind simply counter it with something positive. You’ll slowly start to see the positive change your life will take once you take out the negativity! 😉 Then comes those two times a week where you can choose to just be tired and that’s ok too! It is normal your mindset won’t change in a few days or weeks but adopting this way of thinking will have a long term effect. So don’t get discouraged!! I practiced this for months at a time for a few years now! And I bring it back every time I see I struggle.

*if you want to add extra mindset work you can join me
3 positive affirmations & gratitude
5 minute journaling
(for a total of 5 days/ week)

Remember if you don’t achieve your goals on some weeks it does not mean you failed!!! Girl, it just makes you human. Practice your positive mindset at this point if you tend to bring yourself down for it. If you eat 12 cookies, well that’s not you failing, it’s you living, and you’re in your 20% ;). See the positive thought overcoming the negative? We will all have different goals, whether it is primarily diet, moving or mindset, but i want you focus on all 3 aspects for these next 4 weeks. It’s not a lifetime just a few weeks! Take it one week at a time and keep on pushing for that best self kinda life.

Mandy xx
Rules for Challenge:
choose 1 or all 3 categories for the 4 weeks – what you start with, you finish with
schedule your fitness and mindset routine
(what part of day you will do both)
nutrition- clean eating means (protein, carbs &fats) every main meal


Congratulations on finishing another month! I hope you are proud. Like I always say, maybe you didn’t reach your goals as planned, but you did something- which is sign up. It all starts with intention, and it takes a lot of hard work to create this habit, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t gotten there just yet. Give yourself a chance and a target for next month – I’m sure you can do it and not give up am I right?!! And if you killed it another month, go look in the mirror and say YOU ROCK!

To show you my gratitude and to offer you a better service I have decided to revamp to an ALL IN ONE service :)Starting May 10 we are moving everything to my blog ( where, For the same price you will get access to my entire platform

Phase 1 – Connect This is a much slower paced class dedicated to breath work and core engagement primarily. EVERYONE can benefit from this class! Learning how to breathe and connect your core will lead to a stronger, fitter, pain free you! strengthen your back, pelvic floor, release tension in the hips help aid to get that 6 pack! We slow things down, learn movement patterns, stretch and more! This class will have two lives a week of 30 min 2x a week + recordings and short capsules. Perfect addition to your training week or use it on days you feel more tired but still want to move without high intensity. Also, if you join the live I get to connect with you 🙂

Phase 2 – Buns&bottles These classes are 1 hour live 3x a week + recordings. Fully loaded hour of strength and HIIT workouts, sure to leave you feeling strong and satisfied! Join these classes if you are ready to start upping your workouts or! Also available, is the adapted version to the workouts, so if you want or need to adapt movements, you can learn how to do so safely here, mainly for new moms for adapted. Recordings are 40+min

Phase 3 – Sweat Express High Intensity mixed with strength training in 20 minutes. Same feel as phase 2 but in half the time. Ideal for the busy people out there. These 20 minutes will be sure to leave you sweaty and reenergized! You can also use this program as an addition to phase 2 – add these short workouts to your week when you’re tired or slip a workout into your weekend with these express workouts!
also available – park trainings on Fridays at parc Chopin in laval. 9:30 (10$class)
all to say is I believe you can all create your custom workout regimen to suit your needs by having access to all 3. I would highly suggest to mix at least 2 programs for best results 🙂

HOW to register: stays the same – email me at stating which package you’d like along with transfer ASAP!!

ALL ACCESS :50$ for the month (May 10- June 6)


ALL ACCESS + 4 PARK TRAININGS 90$ (may 7-june6)
I will then send you the password via email to access blog where you will find the workouts listed per day.

– deadline May 7 .




step 1: email me stating which package along with transfer

step2: once I receive transfer I will email you the direct blog link and password to get into blog

step 3: scroll down to date and choose program link you will like to do. Whether it is LIVE or RECORDED – you will simply go to same place!


May 7

5am sweat express : “click youtube link”

9am B&B live: “click streamyard link”

10:30am B&B recording: “click youtube link”

So now you can customize your training regimen as you please which i think is wonderful!!

Please do not hesitate if you have any questions

call or text 514.298.3089

stay strong,


14 days of self dedication

We are ready to let go of anything that no longer serves us. What can we do to feel empowered? to let go of the toxic? to remember how AMAZING we are? WE SHOW UP FOR OURSELVES. Creating new habits will take some hard work, but the result is fulfilling I promise. 14 days of dedication! LETS DO THIS

We will begin with two main categories. Journaling and mediation. I will have your 2 week guide on your journaling. All positive entries are to be kept, all negative thoughts and energy WE RELEASE. Our gal is to heal, to grow and to move on. Keeping the negative energy around us and in our minds will only weigh us down. Therefore, when we have a negative entry we will bring that paper outside and burn, letting go. Watch it burn as you release the emotions that no longer serve us. Please do this outside because we don’t want that bad energy staying in our homes, our sanctuaries.

Time every journal entry with a 5 minute timer. Having that rush of needing to get it done will kick start those feelings under pressure. We are also looking for a long term habit. Knowing that we only need to take 5 minutes of our day will always seem doable!

Meditation. It may seem hard to stop your mind to begin, but sitting in silence is a great start. Try a guided mediation to begin with. Choose a time of day you seem to feel more of that slump. Showing up for yourself when you’re not at your top will have such rewards. So you can either begin your day with it to start your day with positivity, after work to release the stress or before bed to release what no longer serves you so you can have a more peaceful sleep. 5 minutes, 10 or 20 it doesn’t matter, simply show up for yourself. I have included an intention to set with every mediation, if it is too difficult to do as you meditate you can always write it out in your journal.

here we go! Lets release the toxic and build our best selves.

date: Januarydedicationextras
17meditation intention: I allow life to flow through me freely
walk /hike
18journal: what do you most admire about your empowered self? who is she and what do you feel when you encounter her?b&b &
No sugar
19meditation intention : I release what no longer serves me
b&b &
20journal: what are the top 5 things that bring you happiness and why b&b &
lemon water to start day
21meditation intention: I release pain and suffering as a means to grow
sweat express &
pamper yourself – we’re doing a facials!
22journal: my bad habits and bad behaviors I want to break and how
b&b &
23meditation intention: I open to receive higher good
unclutter and get rid of anything that no longer serves you
24journal: describe one thing that if it happens would make your life 100% better. Why would it make it better?plan a day this week to organize! pantry, closets, fridge, bathroom. Make everything pretty around you
25meditation intention: I release all beliefs, relationships and people that no longer serve my highest good.b&b
lemon water to start day
walk/ hike
26journal: which habits do you have even though they are not suitable for you? which habits do you have that make you feel good?b&b
lemon water to start day
no sugar
27meditation intention: I surrender all my fears and doubts
b&b lemon water to start day
28journal: describe how you would live if you weren’t afraid of what people think about you. what is keeping you from living that way?Sweat Express &
pamper yourself – we’re doing mani/pedi girls!!
29meditation intention: I activate the river of joy that flows through me b&b
lemon water to start day
no sugar
30journal: if it was impossible for things to go wrong. how would you describe your life in a year?socials detox! 24 hours no social media, if you can manage no phone and detach even better!
you did it!


Sweat Express is a program built for the busy people. Beginner to advanced you have both options available in every pre-recorded video so you are sure to have a nice sweat and be able to go on with your busy day! Short and sweet! Fb community
B&b is a mommy based group. We have online live trainings which is great for beginners or newly postpartum. All movements are adapted to your needs and focused on bringing back the body to its natural state and stronger! If you need interaction, this is a great program for you. Can’t make it LIVE? Don’t worry, all sessions are recorded so you can workout at any time! FB community

Both programs are accessed through Facebook.

Registration closes November 30
Don’t forget about my bday giveaway !

When you register for December you are automatically put in the draw to win a free month for you and your bestie! *January* Start off the year on the right foot ! Bestie does not need to sign up for December to be eligible. If both of you join for December, you have bigger chances to win January!

Winner Combo will be announced on my bday December 1st.

Let’s stay Fit together

Mandy xx

B&b: October

Hi hot buns! Here is October packages.

Zoom: dates October 2 to 30

Park: dates October 3 to 28

Gym repentigny: October 6, 13, 20, 27

Gym Laval: October 2, 9, 16, 23

Please note: Rest day October 31

Classes resume: November 2

MiniFit: On break until winter season

B&b Live will be at 9:30, recorded, access to recording for a week. workout and demo video.

Park Classes will be at 9:00, they will not be recorded. You will get home version workout and demo video.

Gym Classes will be live and recorded. As discussed, I will have to sell gym as a 4 week package, not drop in like the park. Old pricing has been kept. Therefore, If you only take gym it will be once a week pricing. If you take gym and zoom I’ll give you the twice a week price. If you take two gym and zoom you fall under unlimited and I will give you all park trainings free.

Gym Lives: Tuesday 9am (Repentigny), Friday 11am (Laval) * please note: if I can manage to keep live at 9- and Laval gym separate I will. But for the time being it will be at the same time 11am. I will send out another email if I can.

Thank you once again for believing in Buns&Bottles. I am working hard into making this program even better.

Ps for the ones who always get confused the packages and schedule is at the bottom 😆😝🤣

*laval recorded will obviously be posted later since it is at 11

How to register: Simply send me an email stating which package(s) you will register for. The gym is letter coded. There are no park packages, but if you can kindly let me know if you have Intentions of attending would be super helpful. From there I will guide you for confirmation of price and payment method.

Let’s get fit moms 🤸🏼

Mandy xx

Monday: live 9:30

Tuesday: gym/ live 9:00

Wednesday: park st.Leonard 9:00

Thursday: Day of Rest 🙏🏻

Friday: gym/ live 11:00

Saturday: park Laval 9:00

Sunday: Day of Rest 👩‍👧‍👦


Zoom: 50$

A) Gym only 1x week: 75$

B) Gym only 2x week: 100$

C) Gym 1x week + zoom: 102.50$

D) Gym 2x week + zoom: 150$ (promo all park free)

The Give&Take Challenge

21 Days to break the bad 
and create the good 
in 3 ways.

Start date : October 4
End date: November 1

Tried. Tested.True.

I tested this challenge out myself. 2 out of the three were surprisingly easy. I surpassed my 21 days and I am still Tim Hortons Free! You will see why I chose Tims later on. As for the one I failed at was my once a week Yoga. Excuses, Excuses to why I was too busy to meet myself for a once a week date… which I am not satisfied with myself. Like usual,  I will be joining you all in this challenge to challenge myself to keep growing.

Here is how it works:

In this challenge you get to choose what you want to add or remove from your daily habits in 3 Categories.


1- Choose ONE Food Category to give up.  Not something you can easily go without, but rather a vice. something you eat almost on a daily and just can quit this habit. The first time around I took away Iced Coffee! I was drinking them on a daily in the summer, no shame. Just horrible for my health and wellbeing. This time around I will give up, I am sure you all know lol… cookies!!! You know what I’ll throw in cake too!

2- Do something you’re proud of. It can be anything you’d like, but it has to be something you actively work on on a daily. First time around I took away any Tim Hortons Coffee! Why? Well after some research I found that None of their cups are recyclable nor compostable. Even the coffee cups have a plastic lining which makes it that you cannot compost it. I felt that I no longer wanted to support a company, with such man power as them, to not help us make a change for our planet. I did not research all the big Franchises so I decided I will remove ALL take away coffee in my next challenge. Tims seemed to have changed their lids now! Yay! But I am still actively trying to go as waste free as possible. So I will only buy a coffee with my own reusable cups! No more TO GO! Wish me lots of organization luck! Haha

** please note, this part does not have to be “doing good for the world” but rather a ” I feel good that im doing good for me”. So it can be adding the appropriate amount of water you need on a daily! or actively trying not to yell at your kids lol. Anything that makes you proud by the end of the day.

3- Once a week date: with yourself. This is the feel good section. Every week can be different (massage, spa, pedi,mani…) or it can be trying something new, like a boxing class with me ;). Maybe for some scheduling in a date night with your hubby is exactly what you need, so make it happen! For me I will choose yoga. Once a week. Last time around I put meditation on a daily and yoga weekly for my challenge. I set the bar too high, but even though I did not achieve I still tell myself I am trying to be a better me and working slowly towards it. That is why I chose just a weekly yoga this time around. Hopefully through that it will set me up for daily meditation.

Point being, do not put too much on your plate that it stresses you. This should be the simplest challenge yet! The food category will be tough in itself, the rest is to make you feel good. something to feel proud about and a little self love xx Everyone joins the challenges so don’t be shy! Lastly, it is okay to slip. Just promise yourself that if you do, it happens and you’ll keep working towards your goals. At the end of the day we are working on being the best version of ourselves but we are human first. Keep practicing mindset, keep it positive and keep going 😉


*On the Facebook Group write what you chose for the three categories. I will have a post where you can post in the comments. If you do not post then I will not consider you to be part of the Challenge. ( if you dont have fb then send me an email). If you are not currently a part of the closed group please add yourself to: buns and bottles community.

*Like usual we will have a winner. The winner has to achieve all three goals for the entire 21 days. If you cheat once or do not meet your weekly date, you are not eligible to win.

*if you cheat you have to do a training with a weighted vest 😉 oh, every time you cheat. so once you’re in, you’re in till the end!

*prize: 1/2 price on: 2 day package or unlimited only.



Much love, Mandy xx



Buns&Bottles: Join the Community Sign-Up Link

Hi Mama!

I guess you are here because you heard of the great mom community 😉 Buns & Bottles is more than just a Mommy & Baby Fitness Class! By joining the community you get to see first hand what we are all about. Oh, and all the upcoming sessions and events which is always a plus! Big news and Big Plans coming very, very soon…

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