B&b: Working Buns

Always listening to your needs and this makes me very proud that we can continue our journey together when you begin to work once again. My goal is to offer you the love of fitness and mom support for all your days.

The Give&Take Challenge

21 Days to break the bad 
and create the good 
in 3 ways.

Start date : October 4
End date: November 1 Tried. Tested.True. I tested this challenge out myself. 2 out of the three were surprisingly easy. I surpassed my 21 days and I am still Tim Hortons Free! You will see why I chose Tims…

Buns&Bottles: Information

Hello, I am Mandy, mom and creator of Buns&Bottles. A mommy and baby fitness program. I created a guilt free way to get in your mommy time and ME time within the same hour 😉 If you are looking for the schedule simply click here. When you are ready for registration and all it entails,…

The Ugly Truth

I seem to of lost sight of why I started this whole journey. You know, blog life and Buns&Bottles. I tend to get caught up in the “now” and sometimes it doesn’t always work in my favour. The ugly truth? Well, as it may seem, I look like I have quite the put together life. You…

Vacay: The In-laws & A Simple Training

Vacation with the in-laws, how does that sound to you? Well, I just came back from a mommy-daughter trip and guess who we stayed with? The In-laws! My MIL (mother-in-law) and her boyfriend (who I think should be her husband by now cough! cough!) go every year for two months, and that is exactly who…